Compare And Contrast Colonialism And Globalization

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Everyone in the world knows that we are in the globalization era. In this era, people helped each other; people share information, develop economic level together. Although plenty people love this peace world created by globalization, still, some people think colonialism is better. They considered that colonialism could help countries developing faster. However, to my perspective, there is no right and wrong answer to this proposition. Both colonialism and globalization has its own benefits and shortcomings. Different people will have different perspectives to the same question. This essay will compare and contrast 19th century colonialism and contemporary globalization by examining two fields: language and economy. In the both of these two…show more content…
Comes to the language part. There is no doubt that colonialism want all the people use the same language in a colony or even in the world, because, in this way, it is convenient for colonists doing several works (especially in economy field). However, language is a nation’s signature, in other word, there will be no nation without a language. Thus, some people argue that people should not be forced to study a language and forget their own. Globalization just happen to hold the same view. Therefore, because colonialism and globalization both have their own benefits, it is hard to determine which is better in language field. Comes to the economy part, based on the target of WTO, it is not hard to say that globalization is trying to bring benefits to all the countries, and colonialism is a kind of egoism (selfish). If some people get economic benefits from colonialism, it is reasonable for you to love colonialism, but, in contrast, if you are the one that persecuted by colonialism, it is possible for you to support globalization, which can help you out. Thus, based on the above, it is still hard to say which is

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