The Benefits And Side Effects Of Chrysanthemum Tea

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What Are The Benefits (and Side Effects) Of Chrysanthemum Tea
Are you bored of your tea brand and want to change it? Then why not try something new like chrysanthemum tea. Now you might be wondering what chrysanthemum tea is and what are its benefits and side effects. If so, then you need to read this article as it will tell you about chrysanthemum tea, its benefits and side effects.
What is Chrysanthemum Tea?
Actually chrysanthemum tea is made from chrysanthemum flowers. Mostly present in East Asia, these flowers belong to the species Chrysanthemum indicum. To make chrysanthemum tea, in either a pot or a tea cup, water is boiled and chrysanthemum flowers are put into the pot. The temperature is kept at 90 to 95 degree Celsius. Wolf berries and rock sugar are added to it. The aroma of the drink is just like flora. The color of the drink can either be pale or bright yellow; it can also be anything in between them. In China, this tea is quite popular. The Chinese people have a tradition that once this tea is drunk from the pot, hot water with flowers are again put in the same pot. It is believed that the tea which will be made, will be less strong than the original one.
In the Chinese history, chrysanthemum tea has special significance. In Chinese culture, just like chrysanthemum, other plants and flowers are also quite popular. Every flower and plant, in Chinese culture, stands for something. For integrity, chrysanthemum stands. With bamboos, orchids and plums,

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