Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits

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What Are The Benefits (and Side Effects) Of Chrysanthemum Tea
Are you bored of your tea brand and want to change it? Then why not try something new like chrysanthemum tea. Now you might be wondering what chrysanthemum tea is and what are its benefits and side effects. If so, then you need to read this article as it will tell you about chrysanthemum tea, its benefits and side effects.
What is Chrysanthemum Tea?
Actually chrysanthemum tea is made from chrysanthemum flowers. Mostly present in East Asia, these flowers belong to the species Chrysanthemum indicum. To make chrysanthemum tea, in either a pot or a tea cup, water is boiled and chrysanthemum flowers are put into the pot. The temperature is kept at 90 to 95 degree Celsius. Wolf berries
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For its medicinal purposes, chrysanthemum tea has been widely used. It also acts as a cooling herb. From different ailments like influenza or acne, it ensures faster recovery. For reducing fever and preventing the soreness of throat, chrysanthemum tea is quite beneficial. To make people more alert, in Korea, chrysanthemum tea is consumed. In some countries, this drink is also used to make people more active. Chrysanthemum tea is widely drunk as a herbal medicine. Also, for the treatment of circulatory disorders like atherosclerosis and varicose veins, chrysanthemum tea is…show more content…
However, this herbal tea isn’t without its side effects. Some of the benefits of chrysanthemum tea have been mentioned below:
Improving The Functioning Of Cardiovascular System:
The blood flow in the coronary arteries is improved by chrysanthemum tea, so says The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Also the permeability of capillaries are lessened by chrysanthemum tea. The blood pressure levels of patients was lessened when chrysanthemum tea was used, so says the Herbs 2000 website. On the website, there are also claims that certain illnesses like headaches, dizziness and insomnia can be treated with chrysanthemum tea. For angina or chest pain, too, chrysanthemum tea can be quite beneficial due to the antibiotic properties present in it.
Removing The Symptoms of

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