The Benefits Of A College Education

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According to the Web site, only 23.6 % of the students attending Old Dominion University are graduating in four years. This rate of graduation is demoralizing because I have a plan to succeed and graduate from ODU. From these results, I understand that I have to work hard and take my studies very seriously in each subject of every semester. Because a college education offers many benefits, I will be a successful student by obtaining expert advice, by developing effective strategies, and by overcoming my challenges.
Psychology Professor Robert S. Feldman explains the benefits of a college education in my ENF textbook (29-31). One benefit is that I will learn to communicate better. I will improve my confidence and ability to speak in front of a group. In addition, my writing and reading ability will increase as well. A second benefit is that I am keeping up with new technology. I am learning how to use Web sites and software programs. For example, I have learned to use BlackBoard for my class, for studying, and Microsoft Word for writing my papers. In addition, I am learning to appreciate diversity. Because I have classes with students from many backgrounds, I am comfortable working with students who are different from me. Also, I am realizing that learning is a lifelong journey. I understand the importance and value of continuing my learning the rest of my life. Finally, I will know how to contribute to others. I will be able to give back to my

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