College Education Benefits Essay

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According to the Web site, only 23.6 % of the students attending Old Dominion University are graduating in four years. This rate of graduation is demoralizing because I have a plan to succeed and graduate from ODU. From these results, I understand that I have to work hard and take my studies very seriously in each subject of every semester. Because a college education offers many benefits, I will be a successful student by obtaining expert advice, by developing effective strategies, and by overcoming my challenges.
Psychology Professor Robert S. Feldman explains the benefits of a college education in my ENF textbook (29-31). One benefit is that I will learn to communicate better. I will improve my confidence and ability to speak in front of a group. In addition, my writing and reading ability will increase as well. A second
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The author of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is Stephen R. Covey, who explains a story about growing a bamboo tree. This rare plant took many years before growing to its full height. This tells me not to be afraid and be patient with the amount of time needed at the beginning of learning something new. When I keep learning on and on, the fruit of my study will blossom naturally. Another expert is Dr. Yvonne Thornton, who offers her father’s advice called the “rabbit” theory, which made me understand how to learn through some great value statements. Then, I will improve and extend what I am learning. Moreover, I will know how to identify excellent examples of good studying. Sharon Bowman is a national trainer, who teaches the 4 Levels of Learning. The two most important levels she mentions are “I know what I don’t know” and “I know what I know.” I understand that I should continue studying on some topics when I start to learn them, but I might not understand them until I know them
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