The Benefits Of Active Learning

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Active Learning has a profound impact on student’s learning. It gives students’ an opportunity to thinking critically and work independently. Every part of active learning encourages students to share ideas, act on them, and share the results of their work with others, which inspires everyone in learning. The following are some of the benefits of active learning method found by Gifkin (2015), Kim, Sharma, Land and Furlong (2013), and Braniff (2011), Abbas, Goldsby and Gilmer (2007).

2.4.1 Enhance Students’ Learning Outcome

Active learning enhance Students’ Performance, as it actively engages the students’ in the task, leading to better performance in subsequent classes. Many research had conducted research on active learning and their findings
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Passively listening to a lecture can be useful at promoting learning at the lower level of a Bloom’s taxonomy of learning such as remembering and understanding whereas actively involving students during the learning process can promote higher level skills like applying, analyzing, and evaluating which promotes students, level of thinking. Interacting with content, materials and peers through active learning helps to maintain student’s concentration and deepens learning towards the high-level skills like critical…show more content…
The use of active learning in the classroom not only increase students’ engagement but also helps those students who struggles in the learning. Every part of active learning can engage students actively in the class. Through active learning, students gets to move, talk, discuss, argue, ask questions and reflect on what is been learned thereby engaging the students actively in the classroom.

2.4.7 Enjoy Learning

Another benefit of active learning in the classroom is that it can make learning fun. By engaging students’ we can show them how much fun learning and particularly science can be. Students in active learning classroom are free to move around, share and seek help from their peers, therefore learning is considered fun where students can have greater level of enjoyment in the class. Therefore, teachers must create a joy, an excitement, and a love for learning by inspiring and engaging students by showing them how we learn rather than telling them what we
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