The Importance Of Animal Therapy

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For many years animals have been used to help people in the development of their tasks. They are allies and faithful and dedicated companions, who sometimes become the best company.
The use of animals as therapy is something more and more usual because it has been shown that they can be very effective in helping us to recover from many traumas and diseases, for example, they are very effective in fighting against depression or against anxiety.

The animals most used to help people recover and feel good are dogs, cats and other domestic animals, such as birds or fish, that make people have company and feel necessary. But not only these animals are good therapists, more and more work with horses and dolphins to fight against diseases such as
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The therapy dogs should be animals with a good temperament, calm, sociable and patient in any situation that may arise. The relationship with dogs helps people with physical problems and also emotional problems to a faster recovery. There are rehabilitation centers where dogs assist the sick helping them to perform the necessary exercises to recover.
It has been shown that the company of these animals helps elderly people to feel more useful and are the ideal medicine to combat depression, anxiety, and loneliness. They are also ideal for working with children who have learning issues and behavioral problems. We can not forget the service dogs, they are trained to help people with disabilities to lead a normal life and without depending on others. Examples are guide dogs and service dogs.
Dogs play an important role within the Police as they are used and trained for purposes of public safety and police investigation. In addition, they are considered as one of the best companions at the time of research that needs their great sense of smell and instinct. The breeds that are used to carry out this activities are the German shepherd, Dutch shepherd, rottweiler, Belgian shepherd, labrador retriever, etc. Although for tasks that do not include defense or attack, as it is detection of drugs in airports or public places, you can also use breeds like Welsh or Beagle springer
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Contact with cats helps reduce stress and is highly recommended for people with psychological problems.

Horses as therapy
The therapy with horses, equine therapy, is not totally new because there is evidence that these noble animals were already used as therapy in ancient Greece. The relationship with horses helps overcome fears, increases self-confidence, develops communication skills and confrontation and problem-solving, improves self-esteem, etc.
Equine therapy is effective to treat people with physical or mental problems, patients respond well to therapy and get very good results. In this case, the therapy with horses is very effective to help children with Autism, Down Syndrome, etc. Farm animals as therapy Farm animals are also a good support to help people with problems of shyness, stress, depression, etc., to feel better.
There are specialized farms in which people with emotional or behavioral problems work by participating in farm tasks caring for and being responsible for some animals, which helps to increase
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