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Annatto is the seed that orginated from the achiote tree it has came all the way from Latin America and South America. It is used commonly used in Central and South America as a food coloring dye and it also is used in many medicine such as cough syrup and many more commonly used medicine . Annatto color comes naturally and can dye foods yellow,red and orange. Many food products that sell in large quantities use annatto to give their product a boost in color . Many popular dishes in Central and South America, use annatto to dye their meat yellow . Annatto is also popularly used to in soups, stews, and spice rubs. The Annatto herb is small, dark, red seeds and comes with an odor. The tree that has the seed Annatto was originally from the Philippines during its Spanish period, It is said that In the year of 1540, a welled known Spanish guy named Gonzalo Pizarro left the plunder of the Incan Empire on false statements that the groves of cinnamon trees were to be found in the Amazon basin. With his false statement this caused Almost his entire force to suffered death in the jungle. He escaped by being sneaky and sailing down the Amazon, his main goal was to ransack the…show more content…
It is soaked in alkaline solution and vegetable oil solvent. For the powdered form, annatto seeds has to be dried and crushed into tiny little pieces had the result of powder. To have Annatto in the paste form you will have to add water, vinegar and other herbs to make the paste . Annatto oil can be store brought as flavored and as a bland unflavored form. An average bush off the Annatto tree grows about 2-3 m in height and the branches, it is covered in bear capsules covered with soft spines or hairs. Although it requires tropical or sub-tropical conditions to thrive, it is lasy to cultivate and the trees reach maturity in 4-5 years and continue to bear up to 20
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