The Benefits Of Attending College

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College’s Worth
Attending college has always been a goal to complete, but why do parents think it is so important? A college degree is known to help have opportunities in the workforce later on. Having a degree will benefit when competing for jobs. College teaches skills that people have not come by, like being independent. Although college can be expensive when looking at the cost of tuition, extreme benefits will come attending the higher education. Attending college would benefit students in the future because it allows them to learn interpersonal skills, there are many jobs that require college degrees, and college graduates make more money.
People think college is just for getting an education but there are many things going to college will benefit in including getting to know more people and learning interpersonal skills. Learning interpersonal skills like communication and creating relations is a big part of the workload after college, students say they ranked "interpersonal skills as the most important skill used in their daily lives in a 1994 survey of 11,000 college students.” ( College teaches social skills by talking to classmates or professors and by learning these skills students say that it helped and was useful in professional life when having to talk to new clients or people. Vivek Wadhwa, MBA, technology entrepreneur, and scholar says “by partying, they learn social skills; they learn how to interact with each other”. ( Going to
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