The Dangers Of Beauty Pageants

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A beauty pageant is a contest in which people judge a group of women or girls and decide which one is the most beautiful. Beauty pageants are harmless to women and only allows them to be in competition with each other. Some girls are often pushed by their own mothers to join .Beauty pageants have gotten so bad in society that girls often find the need to change their physical appearance and act a certain way. Not only are girls changing their physical appearance they are also losing respect for themselves by dressing half naked and looking as if they were a sex object just to impress the judges. Entering young and older girls into beauty pageants is detrimental to one's self image because it causes them to think that the physical appearance…show more content…
Your attitude and thoughts around these reactions can either move you forward towards fulfillment or break you down. While some may think, the truth is women and children break down when they are being rejected. Admin also thinks "The more a person recognizes and understands their offer pushed by their own mothers to join" (Admin) , this quote explains that some girls are so pretty or beautiful that their mothers push them into doing beauty pageants. People feel valued and appreciated when they receive recognition for their hard work. While some may think that all women and children are harming themselves in beauty pageants, the truth is beauty pageants hall some women come out of their shells. As you can see recognition, personal development, communication skills, confidence and handling the stress, pressure, and disappointments are the benefits that you will take with you from beauty
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