The Benefits Of Bilingual Language

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¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Speaking two languages rather than just one has obvious practical benefits in an increasingly globalized world because being bilingual, it turns out, it makes you smarter, it can have a profund effect on your brain, improving cognitive, bilingualism has a much greater influence in workforce, improves memory and even shielding against dementia in old age. The German Christoph Harbsmeier is talking about language in a interview for the French magazine ‘Epok’. That’s what interests him. He says how much language influences us and by knowing another languages brings with it another role : “ When I speak French, I can’t stop making gestures with my hands. I learnt Danish at Oxford, because my wife-to-be, who is Danish, didn’t like my Anglophone…show more content…
Bilingual people have been found to be better able than their monolingual friends at focusing on a task while tuning out distractions. A similar enhanced ability to concentrate has been found in bilingual people, particularly those who become fluent in two languages at an early age. The difference between those who speak several languages and those who know only one language there is a difference. Those who speak several languages have to change the language they speak according to the persons to whom they are addressed. That means they better perceive the changes around…show more content…
Once a child has learned a first language, the following study becomes simple because the learning abilities have been already tested. Learning new words becomes easier and creating links with already known languages helps a lot in learning of a new language. There are some disadvantages, however. Bilingual people generally know fewer words in a semantic area than the monolingual. Also verbal reactions may be slightly slower because needs a extra thinking caused by known many languages. Overall, the advantages are more important than the disadvantages. The study of a foreign language is encouraged especially among the children. People who speak several languages change their perception of discussion topics based on the main features of the languages they know. If languages are used interchangeably in communication, the speaker will have alternately different communication concepts and implications. When we speak a language we often refer to a literary language or a common language. There are many who make confusion between common and the literary

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