The Benefits Of Biodiversity

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Biodiversity affects everyone. The losses of biodiversity impinge the environment and diminish its ability to provide for the people now and in the days to come (IAIA 2005). It is well established that biodiversity provides us with several benefits and gives indispensable services. Biodiversity is a source of goods such as food, medicinal drugs and construction materials. It is fundamental for the maintenance of environmental processes and the systems that support life on earth. It is also needed for the pollination of commercially valuable crops and the natural control of bugs and diseases (IAIA 2005). Currently, at least 40% of our economy and 80% of the necessities of the poverty-stricken are from our biological resources. Richer biodiversity results in greater circumstances for medical breakthroughs, development of the economy and adaptive counters to current challenges (Convention about Life on Earth). Despite these numerous benefits, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment released a major report in March 2005, featuring a significant and chiefly permanent decrease in Earth’s biodiversity.…show more content…
These 5 strains on biodiversity are: (1) Habitat loss (2) Pollution (3) Bio invasion (4) Over-exploitation (5) Climate Change, with the main cause of biodiversity loss due to habitat loss and degradation, often brought forth by deforestation. In fact, a study that took 20 years has presented that habitat destruction is possibly leading towards the loss of about 12.5% species of plants in the world. These species have now become so rare that they could easily become extinct (Knight
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