Blended Learning In Education

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On the other hand, aside from the use of interactive games in teaching, education can be made even more effective and collaborating with the aid of collaborative tools. The effects of collaboration tools in education is very positive because collaboration supports in taking students of diverse understandings to the same level by sharing, discussing and imparting knowledge with the use of interactive software and tools. With the rise of Internet popularity, large universities with huge numbers of students started using Internet-based collaboration tools to pace up the academic activities and ensure every student gets due attention. (Goel 2011).
With this, a learning management system (LMS) can be used as a vehicle for collaboration in the classroom
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Typically, the Internet has transformed the teaching-learning archetype and brought challenges to all students, educators and school administrators. With the nearly pervasive access to the Internet, the potential of technology to augment learning is greater than ever. Likewise, advanced growths in technology are bringing indispensable changes in the way learner acquire information. Consequently, teachers must provide students with more engaging and enriched learning opportunities and experiences, which amplify the skills of 21st-century education. To meet this challenge, Blended Learning (BL) may be used by teachers to stimulate significant and authentic…show more content…
Based on experience and observations shared by other colleagues teaching Science in the K to 12 programs, some of the activities in the learning module are not enough. The researcher who teaches in Grade 8 also observed that there is a need for more enriching activities specifically for the Science. The Fourth Quarter unit of the module – The Living Things and Their Environment was the focus of this study. This Biology unit presents concepts that are mostly intangible including the mechanisms of heredity. Cellular Reproduction and Genetics unit are also placed on the last part of learning material which covered the densest of the learning material. A number of researchers worked on developing instructional materials for most of the topics in Biology such as Ecosystem, Cells, Organ System, Life Energy and Biodiversity but less for the concepts in Genetics. Over the past two decades, researchers in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA have unanimously found that Genetics remains linguistically and conceptually difficult to teach and learn in secondary schools (Tsui and Treagust 2002). As such, new teachers are likely to find Genetics, even more, difficult to teach. It is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects

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