The Benefits Of Books: The Dangers Of Literature

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As people read literature, it can pose many benefits to them by offering help in their lives. One of these benefits is that it warns people about hubris and teaches them to happy with what they have in life. There are some classic writings, such as Harrison Bergeron, by Kurt Vonnegut, and Macbeth, by Shakespeare, which are prime examples of pieces of literature which have subliminal messages warning us to not be over ambitious. Additionally, there are contemporary writings, specifically an article about Trump, by Callum Borchers, which gives us examples of present day people who are being affected by their own ego. When people read others writing, whether it is contemporary or classic literature, they are taught about how it is human nature to always want more than they currently have and the dangers that can arise from not being humble, which helps shape their identity and can be used as a guide throughout life.

People may want to learn about their fate, but when they hear it, they will act in ways that would normally seem strange, causing them to strive to be
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Some authors of classic works, such as Shakespeare and Kurt Vonnegut, have written stories which are great examples of literature that warns people of the dangers that have repeatedly arisen throughout history. Additionally, there are contemporary articles, which give examples of present day people who are being harmed by their own ego and over ambition -- articles about famous people who have power are usually the best examples. The dangers of over ambition and having too much ego will always be present and there will always be people being harmed by it. Luckily people are warned about these dangers in stories and the news. Whether the consequence is something as drastic as death or just becoming disliked by other people, they can be the result of never truly accepting who you are in life and deep down always wanting
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