The Benefits Of Child Labor

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Child labor. A topic widely frowned upon, may be beneficial when executed properly. Employing children can possibly provide stability and safety to a child, and opportunities for their communities to advance. In its simplest form, child labor can be beneficial to communities and families when laws and rights are respected. Keeping children off of the streets is a benefit having to do with child labor. In many countries, employing children or teens, keeps them out of trouble and teaches them to keep a strong work ethic. An obvious reason of child employment would be poverty. In countries where the sole breadwinner only brings home a dollar a day, it 's helpful to have multiple income sources. To expand on that point, Nadira Faulmuller of Oxford University, mentioned in her article that, “The main cause for children doing work is poverty – ‘their survival and that of their families depend on it’. Earning money is an unavoidable necessity for them”(Faulmuller). This is showing that these children that are sent to work, are working to benefit their families and themselves in hopes of pulling each other out of the poverty hole. “For example, when the U.S. Congress threatened to ban the import of clothing made by children under 14 in Bangladesh, around 50.000 of them went from their jobs in the relatively clean textile factories to collecting garbage, breaking bricks, or even prostitution. Moreover, economic modelling research implies that in certain situations (where demand is
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