The Benefits Of Civil Rights In Schools

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Civil Rights In Schools
By, Sarah Tupper, D class English, 2/14/18

According to law, civil rights are something that everyone is given. However, history has shown that this is not always the case. In the United States, civil rights are supposed to be for all people. Throughout history, people have had to fight for their rights when others tried to deny them, like the right to equal education. Today, all people enjoy the benefits of school desegregation. As a result, of school desegregation all people are able to attend school regardless of race, color, or class.

Even after Lincoln ended slavery with the 13th Amendment African American people still were not fully free. African American students were being threatened by people for getting an education. Even, a Governor did not want African American students to get an education so, the Supreme Court decided that they would tell that Governor that he has to give African American students the education that they deserve. Also, the Governor of Alabama decided that he would send in troops to block the doors to an enrollment office so, the African American children couldn 't enroll themselves in school. So, that shows that the Governor of Alabama did not want African American people to be educated in school. It might seem that the African American students would be happy to not go to school but, they weren 't. They wanted to go to school, and get an good education but, no school or state would allow them to go to school, and
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