The Benefits Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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The American society has embraced the concept of therapy as a means to support people with mental health concerns. One type of therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The main goal of this short-term psychotherapy treatment is to improve one’s thoughts to be more positive about life and be free from uncooperative behavioral patterns. In this type of counseling, the client sets goals with a therapist and may carry out tasks to accomplish those goals in between sessions. A course of CBT treatment usually involves about 6 to 15 sessions, which lasts an hour each. Another effective therapy is drug therapy, also known as pharmacotherapy, which is “a general term for using medication to treat disease” (Pharmacotherapy). Drugs connect with…show more content…
This stress reducing technique not only relaxes the client, but also builds confidence, considering there is not only one way to create art. Another use that is becoming more popular is aiding in the recovery of eating disorders.The ease of communicating deep issues non-verbally allows art to assist individuals in overcoming eating disorders. In several cases, people use food restriction as a way to gain control and distract attention from a much deeper problem in their lives. These issues are most likely difficult to deal with, that the use of art, pictures, and movement can provide needed awareness. The way this works is through the interpretation of the creations that the patient has drawn. There are numerous things to look for when interpreting art work. Not only does one look at the symbolism in the drawing or painting, but the objects that people omit from a work can be just as informative. The position of each piece of the art will provide insight. Art therapy allows the individual to play a vital role in recovery as well as track their progress. Additionally, this form of treatment helps to build a more aware and healthy relationship with the individual’s body. One way art therapy helps with this is through a technique called Body image tracing. Body image tracing is “when a patient compares the outline of how they perceive their body to the actual outline of their body,” (Art Therapy). Through body image…show more content…
There are innumerable techniques, which is beneficial because everyone may prefer a distinct method. One method is creating a family sculpture, typically using clay as a material considering clay is soft, which is calming. The figures do not necessarily have to look like the members, but represent them. This method is usually used for a person who experienced a traumatic event and they sculpt the members who were involved to represent safety. Another technique frequently used is making a collage. The elderly in group homes often make collages to help put their minds at ease. Oil pastel collages create a sensory experience, using fingers instead of a brush, which feeling the oil pastel is soothing. People also cut out pictures from magazines to create a collage. Collecting and arranging is relaxing for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder because they can then design and place pictures wherever they want to. Collage making is a significant activity because it may feel less threatening to clients, like drawing or painting might be. People may think they are not “good enough” to paint something because they have little to no experience, or do not know where to start. Organizing pictures together is a great way for clients to express what they want to say through similar

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