Essay On Financial Burden Of College

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Many people may argue that the financial burden of college is not worth it, yet paying for college teaches responsibility and accountability. There are many fields in the job industry that doesn’t require a college degree. However, when the facts are presented about why college is important it is very clear the the financial burden of college is worth it. A college education helps shapes the economy into a brighter future. Students who put in the time and effort with paying for college, they find a whole new world that opened up to them with job opportunities. I believe college should still offer scholarships and grants for the low income and middle class students, but charge tuition fees for all students. If college was free to everyone, maybe some students wouldn’t have responsibility and they might be…show more content…
All they have to do is serve the country in the military. Once you finish the military they will receive 4 years of free college. In the military people learn accountability, how to work under stress, and many more things that are beneficial to life. Also when the military gives people free college, those people have a tendency to succeed and prosper in college. My brother-in-law got out of high school and joined the military and when he got back he went to college and fit a 6 year degree into 4 year time slot. He earned his free college it wasn’t just handed to him. If free college was given to people without anything in return they would goof off. Granted my brother-in-law didn’t have the financial burden that comes along with college, but he gave up years of his life to serve the country. The football player and my brother-in-law both had free college. One went to college right after high school and goofed off and didn’t really care about what his degree ment in the job industry. The other one focused and tried hard to succeed and did care about what his degree ment in the job
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