The Benefits Of College Tuition Prices

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College tuition today is making students feel like the only way they will be successful after college is if they were already wealthy before they started college. Students feel like they are sacrificing their futures by getting a higher education. Instead of going into college with a positive mindset, they worry about how they will be able to pay back their student loans. There are plenty of students who need to take out multiple loans just to pay for one semester of college. The majority of students who have older family members didn’t have to experience the struggle that students have to face when it comes to tuition prices today. Just five years ago tuition prices were much more affordable than they are now, some prices have gone up 21%. In other countries prices for a higher education are much more reasonable and in some cases even free. College tuition prices need to go back to the way they once were or else colleges everywhere and even the economy could suffer in the future.…show more content…
Americans opinions were changed after world war II with the “GI Bill of Rights.” This law made college a lot more affordable for veterans who never thought they would get an education beyond high school. There was just under 8 million veterans that were enrolled. This could have made college prices higher but did not because many States welcomed the idea. The postwar economy allowed different States to spend money in order to grow higher
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