The Benefits Of Community Service

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Community service is an inspiring way for students to interact with their community, which develops lifelong social skills. It also builds many strong relationships with the public that leads to different connections with other people. Volunteering helps students find their passions and interests that may lead to a career choice they may have not considered. There are numerous self benefits to performing community service, however you could also assist others through volunteering. If I could do any community service activity to meet my graduation requirements, I would choose to assist others at a sports camp because it’s something I am abundantly passionate about, I would be able to help kids develop their skills, and I could learn a lot of different things from it as well.…show more content…
Otherwise, I would only be volunteering there because I wanted to meet my graduation requirements and not because I genuinely am enjoying my time there. It would be as if I was just playing sports in my free time and not only trying to get community service hours. Although I love to help others, even if it wasn’t while performing a passion of mine, I would have much more fun doing something I loved to do. Advising others at a sports camp incorporates both of my interests in helping others and playing sports. I would be able to play a lot of different sports, which I love to do, give back to my community, obtain service hours, and more. There are many advantages that go with me working at a sports camp, primarily because I would be fortunate to do something that I love and make it benefit
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