The Benefits Of Cultural Diversity

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John F Kennedy once said: “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.”

This shows how Kennedy believes; as we are inhabitants of the same planet, we should channel our attention to our similarities instead of the differences, which could be resolved through acceptance in time to come. A diverse society is the presence of different races, religions, cultures and many other different groups of people mingling and living together in the same community. As more and more people are beginning to work and live in different countries, they would encounter people who are different and would have to mingle with them. This encounter might cause conflict. However, the encounter is also beneficial to our economy, in terms of innovation, and society, through cultural blending. In a diverse country like Singapore, conflicts in a diverse population
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Often in diverse societies, there would be a mixture of different cultures, and thus there would be cultural-blending. Culture influences ideas, views, morals and many more. With cultural-blending, society would be able to build better relationships with others of a different culture. This cultural cooperation, inclusion and respect can also help unite the country. When a culture interacts with one another, it is exposed to new technologies, foods and lifestyles not like its own. These blended ideas would create a new behavior and culture. An example would be Singapore, where many immigrants and residents have influenced her social life. These multicultural blends have affected Singapore in many ways and one of the more prominent ones would be the food. The bond of the diverse cultures coming together has influenced the food in Singapore. These unique mix of flavors have attracted millions of tourists to Singapore. This shows that food in Singapore can lead to benefits for the

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