The Benefits Of Cursive Writing

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What is more important, learning to write in cursive, or learning how to type? Some believe that the cursive writing unit should be removed from school curriculum and replaced with typing classes. Even though typing is used more often, schools should still teach and spend time on cursive writing. Teaching cursive writing in schools is necessary and beneficial to students.
Cursive Writing is academically beneficial. Many scientific studies have shown that cursive writing improved academic performance. Some areas that are improved with cursive writing are muscle development, coordination, and synchronization of the hand and eyes, In all subjects, there is a firm relationship of handwriting and increased academic achievement (“Tom”). Superb handwriting stimulates more regions in the brain affiliated with cognitive, language, and executive function. Writing notes by hand also helps students retain and remember information (“Pros and Cons”). Handwriting also assists students by being able to write notes in their own words, which results in them retaining more information. Writing in cursive also helps with speed, legibility, and writing words correctly (“Dower”). In an article in Psychology Today, Dr. William Klemm said “Cursive writing helps train the brain to integrate visual and tactile information, and fine motor dexterity,” (“Pros and Cons”). Writing in cursive can also help people with learning disabilities. Studies have shown, for example, that children with dyslexia who
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