The Benefits Of Cycling

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Violet Kageha
Professor Makutano
English 101
20 January 2015

Everyone should use a bicycle for short journeys.
It is not so long ago that cycling was embraced as the common mode of transportation. Up until the mid 1950’s, a good number of people used bicycles as a means of transport and no geographical or climatic condition stopped them from cycling. A few years down along the line, cycling was viewed as a hobby for a few cycling enthusiasts or for children who want to play. However, in the recent past, we have witnessed a cycling renaissance and more and more bikes are being manufactured to cater for the masses of cyclists. Europe particularly boasts a high turnover of cyclists with a record of over half a million stemming from 39 countries. Recently, the government of United Kingdom invested £ 278 million in cycling. These statistics demonstrate how significant cycling is and that it should be promoted as a sustainable transport economic factor and environment-friendly mobility. The following points explains why everyone should resolve to use a bicycle as a choice for transportation for short journeys.
Convenient: It is not just about the distance to move from point A to point B, but it is also about the ride and the purpose. Traffic congestion has in the recent past escalated to a maximum high, making it rather impossible for most people to accomplish certain tasks within a certain timeframe and deadline. Most people will use their private cars or public transport such

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