Benefits Of Diversity In College

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Diversity in college expands opportunities to have different interactions with people who are from different cultures or groups; therefore, people can have more social development in college because diversity in college brings different college experiences by having interactions with people. Also, it can help students in society inside the campus because people will have different conversations. Diversity is important in college which the article agrees that “Americans seem to favor increasing diversity in colleges, but not preferences in admissions based on race or ethnicity,” so it can support the colleges which are increasing diversity (Bowman and O'Neil). It has so many benefits when Americans increase diversity in college such as helping students to think differently and students can be more creative because diversity brings so many varieties of cultural backgrounds, so students will be knowledgeable in cultures and life. However, college diversity has different impacts in college experience which can affect the college experience in so many positive ways as helping students to develop a better society in college, so the question…show more content…
This is something all college in the United States should invest because diversity will always work in any college because this only have positive effect in college. Diversity will affect college experiences in great aspect; therefore, there will not be anything negative because diversity helps students in so many ways such as developing skills or new creations. In my opinion, I believe that diversity in college helps another people because when it comes to diversity in college, people will get help or learn different things in life. Also, this help so many people in developing new things or get smart due to
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