The Benefits Of Drinking Tea

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The Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Tea is known as nature’s ‘wonder drug’ and the benefits of drinking tea are great. Common health facts about tea show us that it is rich in antioxidants, can shield our immune systems, stop infection, and even help us shed some pounds, to name a few! The ability of tea to promote good health has long been believed in many countries, especially Japan, China, India, and even England.

Exceeded only by the most necessary of all liquids – water, tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world. Tea is an integral part of everyday societal life in many of the world’s most populous countries. This has made tea the most popular beverage for a huge swath of the world’s people.

Tea is a beverage that is enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening, whether feeling ill or good, and can be consumed hot or cold.

Tea is prepared from Linder leaves, leaf buds and tender stalks of different varieties of the warm-weather evergreen known as camellia sinensis.

The most popular types of tea are:

Herbal Tea Green Tea Oolong Tea Black Tea White Tea Red Bush Tea Ginseng Tea

There are a wide variety of herbal teas, each containing numerous health benefits.
Acai Tea may help:

* Acai Teapromote cardiovascular functions

* improve digestive functions

* enhance the immune system

* to boost energy levels

* to contribute to rapid weight loss, this claim has yet

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