Driverless Cars Research Paper

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How have our lives changed from technological advances? If it weren’t for our technological advances, we wouldn’t have television, computers, cars, and so much more. There are still technological changes that are waiting to take place. The thought of something such as a driverless car seemed impossible not long ago, but has become a reality in the near future. Driverless cars are the new pursuit in the world of technology and is shown to come with many benefits. For instance, some benefits of driverless cars are safety, convenience, and saving money. Foremost, the safety of a driverless cars is shown to be extremely beneficial. The sensors in the car is a great safety precaution and necessary feature. Proof of this is that driverless cars,…show more content…
There would be no need to spend money for gas. Consequently, when there is overcrowding that tends to use up the gasoline of those involved, like in 2011 when Americans spent “2.9 billion gallons of fuel” on the road (Keating 10). Also, gas is costing more and more as the demand for it is increasing. This may seem like a small change, but it can save Americans thousands of dollars from gas money. There will be no need to travel far to get a decent price on diesel anymore. I can recall times my parent had to take detours on a trip, or take an extra 15 minutes so she can get gas at a decent price. People would also not have to spend money on buying a car. Soon, the norm will be that people “will no longer spend thousands of dollars on a new car” (Haskins and Whitt 4). Therefore, buying a car won’t be necessary when a person isn’t in control of the car. Car insurance won’t be a factor in someone’s life anymore to figure out how to pay the bill. Mechanical issues won’t be a concern anymore for a person to pay because the driverless cars won’t be theirs to fix. This would also be a great convenience for those who have a big family and find it necessary to have more than one car to use for all members. Driverless cars are practically costless for commuters. In brief, benefits of driverless cars are safety, convenience, and saving money. Driverless cars has shown to be a pursuit for those who see it as the future of transportation. Advancements like telephones, television, and cars were believed to be an impossible achievement not long ago, but now something like a driverless car is so close to our reach. The advancements humans make can change lives or even the world, but it depends on what is done with those advancements and how they're treated, that molds the

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