The Benefits Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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World War II began September 1st 1939, and America did not put any effort into the war until the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. The war in Europe did not end until May 8th 1945 and the Japanese were determined to win the war without an unconditional surrender. After Roosevelt died Truman was faced with the responsibility of choosing whether or not he should end the war immediately instead of letting it continue without the loss of as many lives. Dropping the bomb was the easy way out of something America did not want any part in initially. If the bombs were not dropped, Japan would have kept prolonging the war. Waiting would have been completely pointless because if the US. felt threatened enough the best defense they has was the Atomic Bomb. Not dropping them sooner would have either resulted in Japan winning the war, or the US. dropping the bomb later. Dropping the atomic bomb was the smartest, most effective, and efficient way of…show more content…
to lose the war, he would have dropped the bomb either way. If the bombs were not dropped at that time, Japan would have had time to gain strength. Japan could have possibly found out about the Atomic Bomb after time, and used it against the allies. Many people died as a result of the bombs, but more lives could have been lost if Japan had discovered the Atomic Bomb. Japan had been attacking and invading America for years, possibly trying to provoke retaliation. It was smart of Roosevelt to wait until Europe was defeated, because if the Nazis were not defeated before the atomic bomb was dropped, Germany would have had the time to gain strength, there would not have been as many troops and weapons during the final battles in Europe. Dropping the second bomb was another good decision because it let Japan know that they had more bombs and they would use them. If Japan believed they only had one, they would retaliate and continue the war. Nagasaki was America saying the war had to end
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