The Importance Of Eating Dog Meat In China

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It has been debated in china for a long time that whether eating dog meat should be made illegal and soon after, it became a global topic. “Since May 2015, almost a quarter of a million tweets have been posted using the hash tag #StopYulin2015, with most of the activity arising out of the UK, the US and Australia.” At the same time, Yulin keeps the dog-eating custom and doesn’t seem to be affected. This essay will argue about eating dog meat is a folk custom as well as a normal phenomenon in south China and it is beneficial to people’s health especially in winter, but we have to notice that eating dog meat doesn’t mean we can steal and kill others’ dogs at random. The evidence therefore suggests that eating dog meat shouldn’t be made illegal…show more content…
Many other cities in North China such as Jilin and Heilongjiang have the dishes of dog meat, too. All of them make dog meat into dishes with regional characteristics. And each dish has its history of existence. There are dog-eating festivals in the Southeast of China such as the Yulin festival in Guangxi. This is kind of traditional folk custom of celebrating the Summer Solstice. . The locals get together and eat dog meat with fresh lychee wine on the day every year. In China, eating dog meat has a history of thousands of years. According the historical records as early as three dynasties period dog meat had been included in the food. For instance, the classic of Chinese literature “Mencius” recorded people eating dog meat in daily life. Therefore, eating dog meat is a common phenomenon among Chinese people, it will be a long and bitter process to make it…show more content…
The preceding paragraphs explored evidence to demonstrate it from three different aspects: eating dog meat is something normal in China, it is beneficial to people’s bodies and that eating dog meat doesn’t infringe upon the legitimate rights of others. But it’s a distinct condition of stealing and eating dogs which belong to others, and one will be chargeable with theft if they do this.. As a saying goes “Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.” Government must increase the intensity of punishment for stealing and eating domesticated dogs to protect the rights of the dogs’

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