Choosing Healthy Eating Habits

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A lot of your eating habits were probably shaped in your childhood. So, if you grew up in a home where you commonly ate fried foods and red meat then there's a good chance that's the style of cooking you use and prefer. It's fairly normal for your habits to be formed in your early years so there's no need to feel guilty over your cooking style. However, just because the habits were formed in your youth doesn't mean that you have to keep following those. It's never too late to make changes especially when you're trying to lose weight.

Choosing healthy foods is important, but choosing organic vegetables isn't going to help you lose weight if you roll them in flour and toss them in the deep fat fryer. It's time to make serious changes to your
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If you adore fried chicken you can still get that flavor and enjoyment from creating a baked version of it. It will take longer to do, but the cut in calories is well worth the effort. With every bite of that moist chicken you can remind yourself of how much fat you've managed to cut from the recipe.

5. Tofu Mix
Tofu isn't always a healthy option, but it can be the perfect combination ingredient. If you're making burgers you can crumble tofu through the mix. Not only will it reduce the calorie count but it will keep your mix moist, which is especially important when you use lean beef. It brings down the saturated fat content, too.

6. The Blender
Don't overlook your blender for helping you lose weight. While eating your calories is more efficient than drinking them, a breakfast smoothie is a great way to start your day. It provides you with your fruits and vegetables, thus packed with vitamins and minerals and if you add chia seeds to the mix then you're off to a healthy, rip-roaring start.

7. Portions
If you live alone then be careful about your portion sizes- it can be difficult to cook for just one, but it's important to stick to sizes because you will overeat otherwise. If you're working with a recipe make sure you check the serving size and cut it accordingly.

8. Not All Calories Are

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