The Benefits Of Economic Globalization

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In modern society, economic globalization has already become one of the most important topics in the world. Almost every country in the world are involved in economic globalization. Not only developed countries, but also developing countries want to develop their economy by economic globalization. There is no doubt that economic globalization helps many countries to develop the economy, but it also cannot be denied that there are some shortages不足 exist in globalization. First, how does the global economic developed, according to Wayne Ellwood talks about in Chapter 1 that “globalization is an age-old process and one firmly rooted in the experience of colonialism.” The author considers that the European colonial created the economic globalization. At the beginning, the European powers just snatched the resources of colony, and then they occupied their economic market. In this situation, the global economy is gradually formed. On the contrary, I consider that economic globalization is not just because of the colonialism; it is the inevitable phenomenon of history development. After the Second World War, economic factors became more and more important in the world. Both developed and developing countries want to improve their economic development rapidly. After, the developed countries increase economy successfully by free trade; the developing countries started to follow their steps. From that time, global economy began to burgeon. Economic globalization provides many chance
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