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Exercise is addictive. Once someone sees results it can make them want to exercise for the rest of their lives. Exercise is very important to living a better lifestyle and being better off in the future. Exercise is important because it can make people much healthier and prevent dangerous diseases due to lack of physical activity. Exercise is good for the body, but eating the right foods in order to achieve the best possible physical fitness is just as important. Eating the right foods is just as important because the food choices made can affect someone's health severely. Having the best possible nutrition will help the body recover, rebuild, and get the most out of every workout. Planning workouts can encourage someone to learn healthy exercise…show more content…
Knowing how to use correct form during workouts is key to building or toning muscles. A weightlifting injury could possibly make a person want to stop lifting due to how severe the injury is. In an article by the National Federation of Professional Trainers, it says, “One of the most important reasons to maintain proper form during weight lifting exercises is to prevent injury. When we lift a lot of heavy weights, this can cause the body to become misaligned that can place your tendons, muscles, and joints in positions that can potentially cause strains or tears. Rule of thumb here is to lower weight.”(Importance of Proper Form When Strength Training) It is very useful to know how to lift weights properly while doing workouts. Serious injury can occur from using an improper technique. The best way for a beginner to start working out is to learn the knowledge needed first before trying it in the gym. An important way to gain strength over time is to start out with light weight. As weight becomes easier to lift, more weight can be added to make sure the muscle is under enough stress. Many people make the common mistake of starting out with very heavy weight the first time. Learning proper technique can be very easy for someone by starting out with light weight before they start to gradually increase the weight over time as they become

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