The Benefits Of Extended Paid Family Leave

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In today’s business world, workers have been fighting for their rights. Although the road to achieving their goals does not seem to end and their voices are rarely heard, they are slowly reaching some achievements. One of the biggest issues that workers in general have to fight for is extend-paid family leave. So, should the United States (U.S.), companies offer extended paid family leave to its workers? The United States companies should support more workers to get extended and paid family leave in order to make them comfortable and not let down the economy of their workers. First, United States is the only developed country that considers paid leave as a benefit and not as a right; only about a 13 percent of the United Stated employees have…show more content…
Some of the established opinions say, “mandated family leave is a poor instrument at best, and thoroughly counterproductive at worst.”(Ghei, 2009). They think that the law cannot be changed and far from help mothers and fathers, regulations about extended paid family leave will do the opposite effect. Others state that “paid leave is expensive, they argue, and businesses should all be able to figure it out on their own.” (Kurtzleben, 2015). The opposite opinions believe that not every worker deserve apply for this right of paid family leave, just those who have a better position because they are the ones that produce more money to the employers. But we need to ask if this kind of opinions would be really fair to the rights which by law have employees. Nevertheless, “Congress is considering a mandated parental leave paid for out of an insurance fund…” (Noguchi, 2015). The U.S. lawmakers, who support the proposed measures by Congress about the rights that employees should have when they ask for family leave, say paid leave is good for the families and for businesses because that enhance the relationship that companies can establish with their workers . Professionals argue about how differences in wages can affect the workers with unpaid family leave and whether the regulation of these policies should be mandatory. It is well-known that when a newborn comes to a family, expenses increase but if parents get a paid time off these difference in wages should not be an obstacle for parents to spend quality time during the first stage of life of their babies and also, they would have the opportunity of return to their position once that this time ends. It is important for a company to take a look at their employees and establish certain regulations like paid family

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