The Benefits Of Fast Food

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Many years ago, people were eating simple foods such as vegetables and fruits. These foods are the healthiest foods because they contain good benefits for the body. Nowadays, there are many new types of foods. One of these types is fast food, which means food that is prepared quickly like burger, Coca-Cola and French fries. These foods are unhealthy because they contain a lot of sugar, calories and fat. Some of the global brands for fast food restaurants include, McDonalds and KFC. Although people know how dangerous eating fast food is they are still eating it continuously, especially children and young people. Eating fast food excessively leads to many risks, such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and depression.

Fast food is a known product everywhere. Consuming it is one of the main products that people cannot abandon. Searching ways to ban fast food is one of the most important factors for public health.

Fast food is one of the products that are harmful for the public health. There are a number of people, aged between 18 and 30, who participated in the study of physical tests. The study shows that fast food may adversely affect the health of the body (Weiss, 2013). Fast food is a term for any food that is cooked quickly, when people do not have time to cook. However, another type of fast food is the food that is prepared quickly in restaurants or any other places, but in low quality. Such as burger, French fries, sandwiches and pizza with some drinks like sorbet or
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