Personal Narrative: A Career In Forensic Accounting

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Dream job is a profession that a person loves to do which can financially support his needs and wants. This sounds simple but to land on a dream job means going through a difficult and demoralizing process. Some people think that dream job is something that gives valuable experience and challenging. This paper shows the student’s dream job as a forensic accountant, its detailed description and specifications, compensation and benefits package, and performance appraisal program. Forensic accounting is a difficult field to work in but it assures financial security and priceless experience while serving the nation.
Job Description
Forensic accountants analyze and investigate financial reports to look for signs of inconsistencies which indicate fraud. In such cases, forensic accountants will restructure the process and activities related to financial abuse in an organization. These experts will show presentations with supporting legal documents and real company data as proof that fraud actually took place. The court may ask them to testify about their investigation results. Common duties for forensic accountants includes of auditing financial reports, analyzing irregularities, and investigating people or groups who created, contributed to, or checked files under examination.
Job Specifications
Forensic accountants
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For large companies, a highly budgeted benefits program is necessary since salary expenses turn into opportunities. Many business owners experience remarkable company growth when they allocate huge budget in salary expenses which boosts employee morale and motivation. Some comprehensive compensation and benefits strategy matches short and long-term organizational goals. It is important for managers to formulate compensation and benefits strategy at lowest possible cost which attracts and retains top employees while meeting business

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