The Benefits Of Free Community College

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Twelve percent of high school graduates are unable to attend college due to their own personal reasons(Rath). Even if the do want to go to college they cannot because they can’t afford to do so, so instead they try to take on low paying jobs. By making community college free not only does it help reduce student loans, it can greatly improve the unemployment rate, improve education. Not only that but it also can bring people out of poverty and even give rise to an educated workforce(Rehm). With free community college many American citizens can get the education they need to improve their lives as well as the economy(Miller). If college education does not become free then America will be heading towards a downward spiral because only a select…show more content…
But free community college does open up equal opportunities for American citizens to get high paying jobs(Gorfine). If more people get high paying jobs they would then have extra money to spend on the economy which would also open more jobs up for the people who couldn’t get the higher paying jobs(Cleveland). President Obama believes that, “In the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate degree are projected to grow twice as fast as jobs requiring no college experience. We will not fill those jobs—or keep those jobs on our shores—without the training offered by community colleges.” Sooner or later a college will be necessary for people to get a job and in order to prevent many of America’s citizens from becoming unemployed the only solution is to supply them with a college education. That way they can be prepared for the future of America’s jobs and not end up on the unemployment list. By the end of this decade, 65 percent of all job openings will require an education or skills training beyond what any student receives in high school(Biden). That means that a college degree is necessary in order for humans to strive in life and college should be given to them as a human right and not a privilege. A major reason people drop out of college is purely because of the cost and they can not afford to continue to attend. It doesn’t help the fact…show more content…
But perhaps the greatest opportunity education can do is help get people out of poverty. Unemployment and poverty go hand in hand with each other. As a result if more people get hired then the population’s poverty rate will also go down(Cleveland). Currently ⅔ college students end up leaving college because they can’t afford to continue their education(Clark). If America wants to decrease the poverty rate perhaps the first step is making community college free. If all states implement President Obama’s proposal, it will cover about nine million students and save each student $3,800 every year (Chong). The $3,800 being saved can be used for the students life savings or to pay the bills. Those who go to college and have a college degree earn an income of $1,000 a week which is ⅔ more than what a regular high school graduate makes(Fisher). The people who live in poverty can barely get by on their own. They starve, or one person has to work multiple jobs just to keep the lights on. If those living in poverty can get an education, they can pull themselves out of those living conditions. They can find a job and earn an income, which is a key part to ending poverty. They can become self-sufficient and independent from outside aid. An education is an invaluable tool for anyone living in poverty
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