The Benefits Of Globalization

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Globalization is not a modern concept. Although exuberated during the digital revolution of the 1980’s, the beneficial interconnection of completely different societies and people has been present before the written word. Humans are social creatures and tend to reach out and interact with others more than any other mammal. In the world’s current state, this connection has never been stronger. Almost every person on this Earth is affected by globalization, either in a negative or a positive way. These effects can be seen from the things we buy to the culture around us. It is impossible to call globalization inherently bad or good. Western countries reap most of the benefits of modern globalization, while third world countries see their cultures and identities being destroyed in the name of profit. After the capitalist boom in the 20th century, globalization has driven western economies to unimaginable heights. The development of globalization is imperative to understanding the huge role it plays in today 's world. Globalization is the interconnection between different societies and eventually countries. Before man learned to farm their own food, this connection was close to nonexistent. Steger states that contact between the “thousands” of hunter and gatherer tribes was “geographically limited” and “largely coincidental” (Steger 22). This is because since these tribes were constantly migrating for food and resources, they were never able to establish stable relations with
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