The Benefits Of Homeschooling

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Do you ever wonder how your life would be like if you were homeschooled? Would you consider homeschooling your future kids? For those who don’t know what homeschooling is, Its when a parent teaches their kids at home, instead of sending them to school. Basically, the parent is the teacher and they give their kids lessons, classwork, and homework, similar to school. Homeschooling is actually more common than most people think. In a 1999 study, almost 850,000 students were homeschooled. 4 years later, another study in 2003 showed that 1,096,000 students are homeschooled. Then 2012 study, over 1,773,000 students were homeschooled. Personally, due to a lot of researching, homeschooling isn’t as bad as it seems, because it has a lot of benefits that could help in the future.
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In an online article, it's said, “ The modern homeschool movement began in the 1970s when John Holt, an educational theorist and supporter of school reform, began arguing that formal schools’ focus on rote learning created an oppressive classroom environment designed to make children compliant employees.” Not only was homeschooling a more convenient option, it was more of a educational choice, because John Holt fought for the children’s education. According to an article dedicated to the history of homeschooling, “During the 1980s the tenor of homeschooling changed as a new wave of individuals entered the movement.” Homeschooling methods began to grow continuously since

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