Human Cloning Research Paper

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Human cloning is the creation of a genetically identical copy of a human. The idea of human cloning is becoming a reality and it is no longer mere science fiction. As this idea turns into reality, it is leaving many people horrified, but it’s helping scientists find cures for many diseases. Although human cloning can create a new doorway for scientists, it has dangerous implications to humans and nature. Although human cloning has dangerous implications to humans and nature, adverse opinions exist. Human cloning has life-saving benefits that can assuage human suffering by curing diseases. For example, in this article the author states, “The moral good of potentially alleviating the suffering of human beings through stem cell therapy…show more content…
Cloned people have rights and feelings too and human cloning is against human rights. For example, in this article the author states, “The cloning of human beings, however, should be permanently banned, as an offense to human dignity. The practice raises the possibility of babies born to bypass normal family structures, or to please parents’ vanity, or to serve as providers of “spare parts” for sick relatives…The Pontifical Academia Pro Vita’s 1997 report “Reflections on Cloning” notes: ‘The difference should again be pointed out between the conception of life as a gift of love and the view of the human being as an industrial product.’” (Badertscher). The author's statement implies that human cloning is used to please parents’ need of having their own family and that it is taking the uniqueness and the human rights away from the cloned child. Human cloning can produce an exact copy of the person that it was cloned from, meaning that asexual reproduction can be possible in the near future. The idea of human cloning is becoming a nightmare as this wanton act is turning to a reality because it will take the beauty of life and the differences among each individual away. And it is argued that human cloning is against human rights because everyone should have the right to live as a unique individual being on this planet, and not just a industrial product to help infertile parents. Secondly, it gives the scientists the power “to play” god as the author states in this article, “Leaving the realm of fiction, cloning offers practical problems on several levels. First, there is the possibility that the animal or human clones may suffer additional medical problems. For example, Dolly the sheep died in February 2003, suffering from lung cancer and severe arthritis. She was only six years old, and her breed’s normal life span is around 12 years. It also took hundreds
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