The Benefits Of Human Organs

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INTRODUCTION Human organs are the most valuable gifts of life by the Creator. Until today, thousand of lives have been saved by organs transplant by the sale of human organ or by donation. However, nowadays the organ donations have decreased and the demand of the organ has increased. According to Farah Salwani Muda @ Ismail (2014), the problem of organ shortage started to emerge in the mid-1980s, when the person who is in needed of the organ has to wait for a very long time to get the required organs and the demand has became higher than the supply. Thus, the illegal selling of human organ had increased in order to support the demand of human organ to save the lives of people. According to Wikipedia retrieved on 30th October 2016, organ trade is defined as “the trade of human organs, tissue or other body parts for the purpose of transplantation”. The purpose of legalizing organ trading is to save the lives of thousands of patients on the transplant waiting list. As reported by Schachter (2011), there are 90,000 of people who were reported to be waiting for organ transplant and on average, an individual will have to wait for three and half years in order to get the organ for transplant. This clearly shows that, the organ transplant is in the very serious situation which need to be overcome and the possible way has to be taken to solve the problem. The types of organ which can be sold are the organ which did not cause death to the seller like skin, kidney, liver and eye

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