Illegal Organ Trade Research Paper

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INTRODUCTION Human organs are the most valuable gifts of life by the Creator. Until today, thousand of lives have been saved by organs transplant by the sale of human organ or by donation. However, nowadays the organ donations have decreased and the demand of the organ has increased. According to Farah Salwani Muda @ Ismail (2014), the problem of organ shortage started to emerge in the mid-1980s, when the person who is in needed of the organ has to wait for a very long time to get the required organs and the demand has became higher than the supply. Thus, the illegal selling of human organ had increased in order to support the demand of human organ to save the lives of people. According to Wikipedia retrieved on 30th October 2016, organ trade…show more content…
This is because this class of people need money to continue their living but somehow that sum amount of money from black market is still not enough as these people are being discriminated from the illegal transaction. Crepelle (2016) summarized that financial pressure affects the poor more than the rich because the coercion violates the individual’s free will to give the consent is irrelevant in a market of cadaver organs as the dead cannot be coerced. If the sale of human organ is allowed, the poor will get the fixed amount of reasonable sum of money and this shows that the legalizing of the sale of human organs will gives some kind of security to solve…show more content…
However, the legalizing of the sale of human organs must be subjected to certain recommendations. This is important to make sure that the transaction is not being violated. According to Farah Salwani Muda @ Ismail (2014), in order to sell the human organs, the appropriate regulated systems must be implemented to supervise ethical authorities and also to prevent the occurrence of illegal market. Example of regulated system is with regard to compensation in which it enables the authorities to prevent the increasing of gross price.
In addition, it recommended that before the sale of human organs, the potential sellers must go through the health assessment at any places which is authorized by the government. This is to ensure that both the buyers and sellers will gain benefits from the transaction and the organ transplant will not cause harm to them.
Besides that, the government should implement the law with regards to severe punishment for those who fail to follow the rules and regulation which regulated by the

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