The Benefits Of Illegal Immigrants

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As of 2014, there were 11,000,000 illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Since most of these people are adults and have children they need to drive to get to their destination. They do not have the ability to obtain a drivers license because they are or were undocumented. Then again so were our Founding Fathers. Most people think that they don’t deserve the right to a drivers license because that would just cause more danger to them. However, it would be even more dangerous if they did not have the ability to legally drive in the United States, causing more problems. Illegal immigrants are going to drive no matter what, so we might as well give them the ability to do it legally. People that do have their license just wat to make up some false accusations on why illegal immigrants should not receive them, such as: "They have little incentive to spend their wages on car insurance...could result in deportation." Unlike what most people think about illegal immigrants, they are in fact able to obtain some type of car insurance. Immigrants come to America to find better opportunities. They want to experience that American Dream; they are just like the rest of us. They will do whatever is possible to get what they need or desire. Driving illegally is bad, and it gets even worse if you get caught driving without car insurance. "If you’re caught behind the wheel with an expired license, you may face other repercussions, including fines, arrest and vehicle

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