The Benefits Of Immigrants In Canada

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Every year, many new immigrants are making Canada their new permanent home. Average of approximately 250,000 people per year come to Canada to immigrate. What are the challenges for them? First of all, most of new immigrants face language barrier. Especially children who immigrate with their parents in early age, are hard to have proper education, Because of largely absent of Canada government’s discourse and immigration policy (Costigan, Lehr, & Miao, 2016). Also for immigrants, finding secure job is much harder than Canadians. Immigrants who are educated and who had strong jobs back home before, find it frustrating that they can’t get the same jobs here. Even though they find a job, Immigrants are easy victims for discrimination and exploitation in the workplace. Would higher levels of immigration be functional for Canada? In the economic view, Canada immigrants play a big role in Canada economy. "Canada 's emphasis on immigration as a labour source is presumed to arise from the desire for gross population growth, economic stimulus, and the need to compensate for low birth rates among native-born Canadians" (Costigan, Lehr, & Miao, 2016). So in high levels of immigration, it will help Canada’s economic growing. Moreover in high levels of immigration system, Canada can get the benefits of multicultural. “when integration into Canadian society exists alongside support for upholding important meaningful beliefs and practices from the heritage culture, the whole society

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