The Benefits Of Inclusion In The Classroom

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Inclusion within a classroom is anything but early, for the students or teachers. Some students may not be used to being enrolled in classes with more than 10 students. Teachers tend to at times stress if things aren’t completely planned out for their classes, so they tend to plan prior to the year starting, to be ready for their upcoming students. “But what if including all students and attending thoughtfully to diversity were part of the solution rather than part of the task overload” (Sapon-Shevin, 2008, p. 49)? Exactly, see I believe the reason there are benefits in my opinions on having inclusion in the classroom, because it teaches the general education compassion and willing to support their peers. For fact, they see them struggling. Though I believe the rare benefits to having inclusion in the class with change there are always challenges. Yet I believe the teachers will have the biggest change as they will learn how to manage a classroom with students that learn on different levels. “Part of the problem, I think, was that we were desegregating with- out any regard whatsoever for if that particular child belonged in that particular class” (Carpenter, 2008, p. 136). Now that is a major challenge, placing students in the wrong setting of classes, can be damaging to the students.
Regardless of the age group you work with in classrooms, there are disruptive behaviors which occur in the classroom. My opinion has always been depending on how you handle them will set

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