The Benefits Of Industrial Farming

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What is industrial farming? Industrial farming, also known as “factory faming “is a farm operation that raises large numbers of animals for food production. Industrial farming is a production approach towards farm animals in order to maximize production output while minimizing the production cost. It’s a form of modern farming that refers to the industrialized production of livestock, poultry, fish, and crops. The methods of industrial agriculture are techno science, economic, and political. The Industrial farming system was “developed decades after World War II”. This system was designed to chemically invest food production. This was done by featuring single crop-farms and animal production factices. This way of production is necessary because it’s a more efficient way to feed people. The world population is rapidly growing, and a problem that might be faced is a way to keep the world properly fed. Industrial farming is a way to “keep pace with a rapidly growing global production”. The question often asked is why industrial farming become so popular has. There are many reasons; one of the main reasons is that it’s inexpensive “with the use of factory farms, the prices of foods have drastically dropped.”(“Green Garage,”2015) The main effect for this decrease is that foods are being processed and produced at a faster rate by employing quicker, more efficient processes. Factory farming also has livestock products such as feed or livestock care to be kept down to a
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