Is Junk Food Really Cheaper Summary

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Fast-food Expenses Junk food is the life blood of the American people these days, and many can’t even go one week without going to some place like McDonald’s at least once, especially since they believe that it is cheap. It costs about $5.50 for just one meal which sounds like a good deal, but considering it is only for one person, and that we also need to eat about three meals a day, how would junk food be cheaper than a nice home cooked meal for many people? Mark Bittman, a popular food critic from the New York Times tried to prove that contrary to popular belief, junk food is actually more expensive than healthy home cooked meals in his article called “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” Bittman's writes about how families typically go to…show more content…
When I went to a McDonald's in Italy a couple summers ago, I was shocked at the prices, since one McChicken cost about 3 dollars just by itself without fries and a drink, not to mention I barely saw any fast-food restaurants even after a week there. Unlike in America, Italians prefer foods like noodles, and obviously pizza, but everything is smaller in quantity, such as the pizza. Each individual person orders one baby sized pizza just for themselves with whatever toppings they want on it, but in the U.S, people order a massive pizza where you eat as much as you wish, and unfortunately, because it tastes good, people tend to think, just one more slice until it's mostly done which doesn't happen in other countries, especially since fast-foods are addictive in nature as well which explains their immense popularity in the United States, since not many people say “I'm hungry, let's go to the grocery store so I can cook”. My cousin, because of how they get small individual pizzas for themselves believed that one whole large pizza would be for just one person, which may be one of the many reasons why they actually viewed Americans as fat and lazy, which unfortunately is becoming true the more we rely on fast
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