The Benefits Of Junk Food In Schools

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Junk food has generally been into schools because of its convenience and good taste. It is available in school canteens and vending machines, while canteens’ menus do not encourage the best eating habits. A good education should not only include classwork, but also good examples. Therefore, schools should practice what they teach students and stop providing junk food to them, because of the healthiness, students’ self-control, and the schools’ preach.
First of all, junk food is anything that is attractive and diverting but of negligible substance. ( Some people may think that not all junk food is unhealthy since sugar and salt are essential for healthiness, and they provide strength and resistance. If people eat small amounts of junk food only, it is not unhealthy. Besides, if students has sugar in food, it would help them stay awake and stay focus in classes. However, eating too much junk food may cause several illness, such as diabetes, obesity, imbalance in cholesterol level, etc. Although there are many different factors to cause illness, junk food is one of the essential factors which cannot be disregarded, especially for children. Childhood obesity is a problem that has not received enough attention that it deserves. In 2012, there were 20.9% of Hong Kong students who were deemed overweight, which was significantly higher than 16.4% in 1997, and it means that one in five of adolescents is obese. (SCMP, 2012) In the UK, children are continuing to get

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