The Benefits Of Keeping Animals In Zoos

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“If we are justified in keeping animals in zoos, it must be because there are some important benefits that can be obtained only by doing so” (Animal Rights 152). In the economy that we live in today, we all know that humans can be very cruel towards animals when it comes to earning money. For entertainment, we pay money to observe animals in a small enclosed area as they slowly suffer. Zoos do not benefit the society and should be banned altogether. People may argue that zoos are very educational and safe to all animals and humans, but those statements are only made to help profit a zoo. If people are not kept in enclosures to be observed twenty-four hours a day, then animals should not be put in the same position. Animals keep wild instincts with them throughout their lives whether they are born in captivity or not. But yet humans think that it would be a great idea to keep deadly creatures in range of any human access. With the spaces for animals that are used today in zoos, too many accidents occur due to human…show more content…
We could get 10 times more information on animals from educational television shows such as National Geographic. We wouldn’t have to take the animals out of their natural habitats to do so either. We should not let others harm or hurt the animal population for they are part of this planet as well. It is not only humans who live in the world. If we could only relate to the animals who are imprisoned in zoos, then the whole human population would more than likely release the animals because of the conditions. Wildlife parks and zoos do not keep animals safe, do not provide education, and do not protect endangered species. To be concluded, we need to do our best to ban zoos for they only teach us that it’s okay to keep animals in captivity far away from their home. So next time think before you pay 14-16 dollars to watch an animal lose a more happy life that they never got to

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