The Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

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Learning a foreign language is always very important situation. Maybe learn a foreign language takes time but worth it. A foreign language provides with person so many oppportunities. For example, learning a language gives confidence to people. When people learn foreign languages, they feel self-assured. Peopel feel comfortable when they learn foreign language because they know so many things about different cultures or topics. It is an entirely different cultural experience when we can speak the language when we visit another counrty. People speak better than before with foeign people. When one goes to abroad, he speaks clear. One language is never enough. We need to learn another languages in our lives. Learning a foreign language composes very opportunities in our lifes, such as variety of job opportunities, it develops the brains, it provides to gain self confidence. Learning a new language presents different options to us. Sometimes learning a foreign language helps us to understand our own language and culture better through comparison. We realize the differences between the foreign language and our mother tongue. A foreign language is like a door key. When people learn a foreign language, so many doors are opened. Person can make so many great jobs. Maybe when people learn another language, it may be stressed because of difficulties but many people have done it, so we can do it. Learning a new language affects the speech of person’s in envronment. In this case,
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