The Benefits Of Marijuana

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The doctors told the family there was nothing further to be done. But the child who had 300 seizures a week was now down to just one - every 7 days. Charlotte Figi 's life was transformed by Cannabidiol(CBD) oil (Stanley). There are many children and adults throughout the nation that can benefit from CBD oil. Unfortunately, society has listened to too many of the myths and misconceptions of the true value of cannabis. Although there would be a pandemic concern of adolescents obtaining cannabis, the medical and social benefits of cannabis outweigh the negatives and should be legal for all the United States. Marijuana has been used historically for thousands of years. In the United States, it was banned for its use and sales by the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. “Despite federal laws prohibiting marijuana, in 1996, California and Arizona passed state initiatives legalizing marijuana for medical use by patients suffering from serious illnesses, These initiatives sparked a national debate over the medical use of marijuana, which Elisabeth Frater explores in the following selection, Frater explains that supporters of the initiatives believe marijuana has true health benefits, such as providing relief from pain and nausea when traditional medications prove ineffective” (Frater). This quote shows that despite the laws against the sale and use of cannabis, some states have approved use of cannabis for medical and, some states, recreational use. Many states are reversing the ban
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