The Benefits Of Mechanical Engineering

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Introduction In the society, the living standards are changing day by day and going toward to the sky. However, the things that mankind cannot do in the past are very easy to do in nowadays. One of the first things is mechanical engineering, which is to improve the condition of life for mankind. Mechanical engineering is one of the earliest branches of engineering, for example we can see the wheels and axles in the cart that we use in many years ago is mechanical engineering. It supposes to invent and build the essential materials or tools, especially machines. The basic components of the mechanical engineering are wheels, axles, levers, screws, springs and hangs. Those are the things that use in everyday life but mechanics make as a machine to be easier for mankind. According to learn how to become (n.d), mechanical engineers “research, design, develop and test mechanical and thermal devices including tools, engines, and machines” (pa, 3). It is not easy to be a mechanic with very skillful in all areas that mechanics supposed to do. However, the university education is not the only way to become mechanics, the other ways also can be good, skillful mechanics. That’s why, University education is not really necessary for the mechanics because there is other way to become mechanics like good personal abilities or qualify with the skills to become mechanics, going to the appropriate training or school and taking practical and enough work experiences. Discussion The requirements

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