Disadvantages Of International Migration Essay

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In this day and age of ever-increasing globalisation, international migration is a growing phenomenon which has reaped gold for some, yet been at the heart of many crises, including but not limited to the ongoing Ukrainian migration crisis and Syrian migration crisis. Migration is defined by “the movement of people, involving a change of residence.” (Nagle, Cooke, 2011, Pg.17) The origin refers to the place where the migrant is moving from, and the destination refers to the place where the migrant is moving to. Even though there are 2 sides to the coin, in most cases, migration results in more benefit than harm to both the origin and the destination.


Migration brings along a lot of benefits to the origin as well as the destination, which are both economical and social.

Migration is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of undesirable jobs are filled. For example, in the United States, 45% of maids and housekeepers, and 42% of taxi drivers and chauffeurs are immigrants. (“Jobs”, 2009) These jobs are usually considered undesirable as they have long working hours, and are tiring. These statistics show that without migration, even if locals started taking some of these jobs, it can be estimated that around 40% of these jobs would be vacant. Migrants taking undesirable jobs
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Although it caused some problems, the government later benefitted to some extent from it, as they allowed migrants to participate in undesirable, “irregular, low-paying menial work in construction, domestic positions, or in the local markets.” (“Rohingyas”, 2016) This saved the locals from doing the jobs, and, moreover, helped the government create a better image of itself in the global community, as it was providing work to the refugees.

Most people who migrate voluntarily still identify with their country of origin in some
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