The Benefits Of Modern Communication Technology

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Who is the one really progressing?

Human race has witnessed and taken advantage of the benefits advances in technology the 21st century counts with. Technology in our mind ´´helps us come closer to one another. ' ' To this day modern communication technology is able of taking the man to the moon without going into space, bringing families together for christmas through a video call using an ipad, playing soccer with your friends in an online video game without the neccesity of getting out of bed. It sounds great when we see it on a first sight panorama. However, we have to take a moment and analyze the other side of the story. Is humanity progressing with the numerous benefits modern communication technologies brings us?

Progress is the main goal in life and what every human should seek for. Each one of us has to improve ourselves social, intellectual, physical and emotionally as long as we live. In my opinion the modern communication technology has become an obtacle for this progress since we are little. In the social asspect now a days we can see how children don 't spend time outdoors as we, youg adults, used to do. They interact with other children or even their own parents through the phone. Even though communication is easier with the new technology it 's preventing us from creating real bonds with the people closer to us. For the intellectual asspect it 's more complicated explaining how progress can 't be achieved. Communication logically allows us having a

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