Essay On Open Mufflers

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Motorcycle and car riding is one of the most enjoyable thing to do. Cars and motorcycles are composed of different parts and one of it is the muffler. Mufflers are one of the most attractive accessories of cars and motorcycles. They may be open or stock. They are bought at expensive prices. People who 's hobbies are customizing their motorcycles and cars to make it look good would buy those mufflers just for the sake of the hobby. Mufflers are created to produce loud and soft sounds. Some people or most of it prefer the loud one 's because it provides a signal to every motorist in the high way. Mufflers are beautiful and are like the apple of the eye for the cycle hobbyist. But if there are pro there will also be anti, some people do not like open mufflers because of its loud and irritating sounds, most of them would say that open mufflers are disturbing and etc. Those people may be disturbed by open mufflers but it 's sound is also a sign that someone is coming. People can recognize and feel the presence of the motorcycle or the car coming using the open…show more content…
Why? Because even if they had confiscated the open mufflers in their city, it wont just stop their, there will still be people using open mufflers especially the motorist. Motorist use open mufflers because it can help in speeding up their motorcycle. They can 't control how should people behave. Open mufflers have loud sound, yes they do. But, we also have to also look at its bright side, the loud sound can also help us to recognize the coming vehicle. And the PNP, like what we said earlier, they should focus on the criminals and not on open mufflers. Open mufflers are just accessories on motorcycles. It can 't be used in any violent actions and they are sold in the purpose of making the motorcycle elegant and
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